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Narrow Gauge Kits

The  idea behind our range is to produce kits that are realistically priced and easy to build. In keeping with this concept they we have designed them all to utilise available ready to run chassis.

The first kits we designed were based on prototypes but were essentially freelance in design to fit available chassis. We have now started to look at kits that are more closely based on prototype designs. Although we have still made a few compromises in order to utilise available chassis, keep the building of the model relatively simple and the costs reasonable. We hope you are happy with the resultant kits as the development of new kits is influenced by customer feedback, and we are always interested to hear your comments and suggestions.

The kits form basic models but detailing can be added to all the models to your individual taste. We have designed the kits around specific chassis however in many cases others could be utilised and the bodyshells modified

A lot of people when they first look at the kits are put of as they think that brass kits have to be soldered, and this is a daunting prospect to them. Al though soldering does give the most solid joints, and the simplicity of the kits does make them ideal for beginners learning the art of solder, it is not necessary to use solder construction. The small size of the kits makes them ideal for the use of superglue or epoxy resin glues in their assembly. To give strength to some joints plastic card or card can be used to strengthen the joints on the inside. A point bear in mind is that the metal bodyshells may require insulating from certain chassis to prevent them shorting out. This can be achieved as simply as covering the offending area with a piece of sellotape in many cases. This is one of the reasons we have started to produce the footplates in laser cut plastic in the latest kits which also helps eo improve the appearance and makes them easier to build. Filler will help improve the joints both in appearance and strength

Modern Image Detailing

This aspect of oir range has declined in recent years through changes in the range of ready to run models available and a large reduction in the number of shops prepared to stock detailing parts. We will be looking at this range in 2014 and relaunching selected products through this site.